How to avoid a coup?

It's the most common story in tech. Leader with a vision, executes, grows into an untenable situation, get ousted/controlled by corporate maneuvering - everything falls apart.

My guess is that, in a scramble to scale some important details are overlooked. Some fatal concessions are made. My basic thought is that opening yourself up to typical funding invited the corporate business model into what is essentially a spiritual quest. If to scale your business necessarily means you'll lose the spirit of your idea, then scaling is a false economy.  I believe that a baker who bakes bread without imagining that it is bread that his family would eat is spiritually poisoning the bread, if you remove the authority of the baker via corporate positioning you have tech that is the equivalent of poisoned bread. It's my goal to avoid this at all costs.

I'm planning on organizing Midwest of Eden as an indie tech startup, based on a 501c3 with a philanthropic bent to its main objective. In order to accomplish this first and foremost there needs to be a demand for a product I create (ha!) and it needs to have the type of community support that nonprofits enjoy. That would require some expertise in how to set up a unique organization that had some of the flexibility of a typical corporation, but that ultimately operated with a philanthropic bent. There would need to be a marketing aspect to the project to help spread the truth about the nature of the development.

In short I will need help. I have to rely on the universe to bring me the right pieces of the puzzle as needed. I'm not worried because this seems to be the universe's forte.

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