Magna Carta 2.0

We believe these rights to be self-evident in all worlds digital and physical:

  • A person has a naturally imbued right to have ownership over their information
  • A person has a naturally imbued right to connect to others unencumbered
  •  A developer has a duty to make Ethical Software (ES) that is supportive and affirming of its users 
  •  A user has a duty to support their equitable share of development of the ES that they employ
  • Ideal ES is open-source 
  • ES's end is functionality and not the massive enrichment of the creator(s)
  • ES is not be self-referential as part of its functionality (eyeball gravity)
  • ES strictly enhances human connections 
  • Users have the right to be notified of and opt-in to any behavior modification 
  • An Ethical coder has a servant's heart
  • Ethical coding should be transparent in its goals 
  • Ideal ES does not adopt traditional for-profit economic structure 
  • Users should take an active/constructive role in the improvement of functionality of ES

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