The Architecture of Generative Software

Since the beginning of the age of networked computers there has been a growing divergence in the nature of the software available. While adding functionality to some that affirmed life and added depth and meaning to the human experience, an entire class of software has emerged that enslaves everyone in the chain of its existence.

The owners of this software are enslaved by the need to remain number one, and that need sends a chain of decisions that indoctrinate micro-slaveries throughout the architecture of the software. The best examples of this are Google, Instagram and the also-ran Facebook.

These all consistently run off of human momentum, and in harnessing human momentum the software is highly interested in keeping people engaged and subjected as much as possible. They almost all appear to be free on the onset, but have ever-growing costs in the form of robbing you of personal information and freedom, as well as rewiring your brain to the overall detriment of you life.  Ironically these technologies share the same recruiting architecture as a cult (or religion).

They are intellectual, science based, and reductive of its subjects - attempting to concentrate the human experience into the parts most valuable to the software's respective business model.

The upside they espouse is a connection to all human knowledge as well as to every person with a connected device in the world. Since that is far too large of a proposition, it forces developers to pare you down to your core elements, a fraction of your core self, to give you access to the information and people it believes you will value the most. This makes sense for a business model but is disastrous for human community/empathy/diversity of thought/openness to new ideas.

There is already a working model for software that is affirmative of life, can work with the whole of a person, and can use inter-connectivity to act as a tempering force on the underlying structures of humanity as they have existed for thousands of years.  If the underlying tenants of these pieces of software can be understood and used as a foundation for future endeavors, I believe we can use the internet as a constructive force to the future of humanity. As a way to develop a better brighter future than has come before.

I think of these as intelligent software - different than intellectual software, because they have the ability to regard the whole of a person or an idea and to sharpen and define that idea. This is the software that is used in the creation of music, poetry, humor and cinema. Examples are Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Word Processing, Spotify and cryptocurrency.

Humanity already has a social network, and if we can build a platform that follows the rules of intelligent software, I believe we can rehabilitate the ailing fabric of connectivity that has been subjected to the relative inarticulate systems currently in place to support this vital task.

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